Our Team

Pursuing the art of truth.


We are a creative film & visual production company based in Milwaukee. 

We are hungry for good stories to tell. Hungry to make legendary art.

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A Storytelling Group

If you need more people to hear your story, then we can help.


Forward Thinking

We like to think ahead, to go where the ball is going, not where it’s been.


We like to collaborate with our partners to get the best possible solution.


Multiple Tools

We have more than one tool to tell your story:  film, music, photography, animation, and so much more.

Our Story

It all began in 2010 with a hunger to tell stories in a noisy, digital world. We started with two online shows a day in the real estate industry & just celebrated multiple awards for our most recent movie in theaters.

We’re just getting started.

  • Digital Film 80%
  • Music Production 60%
  • Photography & Timelapse 40%
  • Distribution & Social Strategy 65%
Aaron Biebert

Aaron Biebert

Director & Executive Producer

Aaron is an award-winning director, recently winning “Best Director” at the Melbourne Documentary Film Festival in Australia.

Jimi Jake Shaw

Jimi Jake Shaw

VP of Production

Jimi is one of the leading brains behind our creative productions. He oversees digital film production, CGI, colorists, and other duties as needed.

Jenni Biebert

Jenni Biebert

Art Director

Jenni leads a variety of projects related to set design, editing, and production.