Award-Winning Documentary:  A Billion Lives



The Challenge

The World Health Organization (WHO) predicts that a billion people will die this century from smoking. Despite this horrific prediction, anti-smoking groups find themselves in a conflict of interest. New technology that is helping people quit smoking was being banned around the world after fake research studies were published. Our mission was to investigate and get the truth out via a feature length documentary film.



The Solution

Since there was so much misinformation out there and several failed crowdfunded efforts to tackle this topic, we knew we had to tread lightly. First we did months of research and then announced the movie right before filming in beautiful Peru. We brought our new community along with us and never looked back. Five continents and four awards later, we’ve made a measurable impact on the governments of New Zealand, South Africa, Iceland, Hungary, and many other countries.


  • Investigative Journalism 80%
  • Community Collaboration 30%
  • 8K Timelapse Production 20%
  • Editing 60%
  • Director:  Aaron Biebert
  • Cinematographer:  Jimi Jake Shaw
  • Producers:  Aaron Biebert, Jimi Jake Shaw, Jenni Biebert
  • Music Direction:  N43 Records
  • Locations:  Peru, New Zealand, Poland, Turkey, United Kingdom, France, United States, Canada, Mexico, Ireland, Belgium,
  • Hollywood Agency:  Principal Media
  • Website:

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