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Most of us are overwhelmed by the number of emails, updates, text messages, tweets, videos, pictures, and words coming our way.  In fact, studies show you probably won’t read this sentence since you’re skimming.

The Information Age is irrelevant.  People are limited by how much attention they have.

You’ll need a strategy for the new era.

Welcome to the Attention Era!


Attention Era Media is a small creative group dedicated to helping remarkable companies, brands, and people earn attention in this new era.  Primarily, we do this through the use of visual media like video, photography, or cinemagraphs.  We produce videos, brand films, event highlights, commercials, web videos, and just about any other way you could use video or photography to get your message across.  Then we use the power of social media to help distribute our creations.

We’re based in Milwaukee, with people in Chicago & San Jose. However, we travel the world telling your story.

Let’s talk.


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