We’re so proud to announce that Make-A-Wish has chosen us for a special project! We’re gonna help make a child’s day very special. Stay tuned for more details!

For now, we’re looking for a great villain. We’re casting!

We’re looking for a 20 to 50 year old male actor, to play an evil villain for a short action film sequence and brief live appearance.

Basic overview:

– Heavy use of CGI
– Villain delivers various messages via TV (filmed at studio)
– Make-A-Wish child will defeat villain (filmed on location)
– Police bring defeated villain into gala at end (live at event)

Filming sessions:

– November 11th at 6pm [2 hours of filming on location] – Winter 2015 [3 hours of green screen filming for CGI sequences at our studio] – March 12th at 8pm [1 hour of live performance]

Send an email to Casting@AttentionEra.com with headshot, reel, and anything else you’d like us to see. Decision to made by Wednesday, November 5th.

You can see some examples of our Action/VFX/CGI work:

As always, thanks for your attention and please share with all your actor friends.

– Aaron @Biebert and the Attention Era Media crew

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