Two important trends you shouldn’t miss in the marketing world right now:

1) Twitter

I was featured in today’s USA Today Money section in an article about using Twitter to hire people.  I hired a social media manager back in 2011 for a new series I was producing and we only talked via twitter during the screening and interviewing process.  Now it looks like a trend is starting to form.

Twitter is being used for more and more things every day (Forbes offers nine different ways).  Some firms are getting feedback on important decisions in real time (Maker’s Mark should try that).  Others are using it for tech support (Best Buy), customer service (Zappos, UPS, XBox), hanging out with their customers (Applebees), and now interviewing potential candidates for a job.

If you’re not on twitter for marketing (yourself or your brand), now is the time.

2) Transparency

Most hiring managers are not using twitter to hire because most jobs require more than just tweets to make a good hiring decision.  However, there’s also the element of privacy during an interview that most leaders probably care about.

In fact, it still seems like most businesses prefer privacy over transparency for just about everything. Unfortunately, this comes in to play during video marketing as well.  

Not good.

It’s hard to make connections with potential customers if they feel like you’re hiding something.

“What should we say?”  “What shouldn’t we say?”  These are great questions. We think the answers are these three little secrets:  Be yourself.  Be human.  Be transparent.

These are the secrets to great videos, effective marketing, twitter, and maybe even a public interview process.

Think you’ll try a Twitter interview sometime?


Until next time…thanks for your attention!

– Aaron @Biebert and the Attention Era Media crew

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