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Watch the @ShortyAwards!

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We're here in Times Square in New York City for the Shorty Awards tonight. The project we produced for Applebee's in association with the soon to be world famous agency BTC Revolutions is a finalist for the 2014 "Best Use of Video in a Social Media Campaign" award and we couldn't be more excited. We shot it over ...

Check Out This @Applebees #SpiritedChef Social Media Project!

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Steven Neville from Examiner.com first broke the story about the experimental social media campaign Applebee's was doing.  It also appeared everywhere from My Little Pony websites, to blogs, local TV and now the director and social media strategist are on live TV tonight. According to the hashtag tracker, the #Spir...

How @Applebees Changed Social Media with a #SpiritedChef

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The Old Model Most brands choose to treat videos on social media like a broadcast, sending one way commercial messages to people without making it easy to respond and engage with the brand. Part of the reason for that is "old school" thinking from the days when high quality videos required expensive film and nobody ha...