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I'm a director, film/video exec producer, leader & 8pm Warrior. I am passionately chasing my goals at all times. I'm listening. Let's talk!

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5 Tips on How to Announce Your Event
5 Tips on How to Announce Your Event

We just announced the event film we’ll be producing for the “Go Further with Ford Night” in Milwaukee and wanted to share 5 things we recommend doing when announcing an event. 1. The 5 W’s Don’t forget to tell people what they wan

publish November 9, 2012 209
What to Wear at Photo Video Shoot
What To Wear for a Photo Shoot or Video Session?

One big question our clients have is “What should I wear for a photo shoot or video session?”  Here are some tips for preparing for your upcoming photos or videos:   What to wear? For most people, we recommend looking comfortable and approach

publish November 2, 2012 18
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Standard Definition Videos are Garbage! [Video Blog]

Believe it or not, there are still people who believe Standard Definition (SD) videos are not much different than High Definition (HD) videos. Here’s what Aaron had to say about it: No, SD videos do not nicely convert to HD.  When you only have 480 ver

publish July 20, 2012 10
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Top 10 Most Expensive Films of All Time

Being a video production company, we love browsing movie news…especially on Fridays. We recently saw that James Cameron will be creating the next three Avatar movies back to back to back.  Mr. Cameron is an absolute monster! His creativity, vision, and

publish July 6, 2012 7
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Keep it Simple! (Powerade vs. Gatorade Commercial)

Keeping it simple is key, especially in the Attention Era. Less is more!   Whether you’re producing a video, posting on social media sites, or planning a line of sports drinks (like Powerade and Gatorade), we always remember the fact that too much c

publish April 26, 2012 6

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Attention Era Media is an award winning film production company based in Milwaukee, with our work on televisions & theaters in five continents. In addition to filmmaking, we also have the capabilities to add support via LIVE broadcast, photography, music production, cinemagraphs, timelapses, aerial, & other visual tools.