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How @Applebees Changed Social Media with a #SpiritedChef

By Aaron Biebert on December 7, 2013   1 Comment   Blog, News, Portfolio, Social Media, Uncategorized, Written Articles   , , , ,

The Old Model Most brands choose to treat videos on social media like a broadcast, sending one way commercial messages to people without making it easy to respond and engage with the brand. Part of the reason for that is "old school" thinking from the days when high quality videos required expensive film and nobody ha...

A Time-Lapse Adventure to Yosemite Begins #MKE2CA

By Aaron Biebert on May 17, 2013   0 Comment   Behind the Scenes, Blog, Photography, Video, Written Articles   , , , ,

We're heading to the "Range of Light" to master the art of time-lapse.  We'll be spending more than a week at Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks in pursuit of beautiful imagery and new skills to bring back to our video productions.  Can't wait to share photos and behind the scenes footage from our time there.  Make...

7 Reasons Why Colleges Need Video Marketing

By Aaron Biebert on April 29, 2013   0 Comment   Blog, Social Media, Sports, Video, Written Articles   , , ,

As we end another school year of filming and prepare for the next one, we proudly present our research and thoughts on using video marketing from behind the scenes. __________________________________ Private liberal arts colleges are struggling right now as parents question the value of an expensive school and i...

Social Media to Save the Day!

By Aaron Biebert on April 9, 2013   1 Comment   Blog, Events, Social Media, Sports, Written Articles   , , ,

Little known fact, Milwaukee is home to the world's oldest operating motor speedway, the Milwaukee Mile.  It's sort of like the Lambeau Field of motor sports (the Packers even played there from 1934 to 1951). An even lesser known fact is that social media is helping save it. In 2011, it looked like the Milwauke...

Short Whistler Snowboarding Video in British Columbia

By Aaron Biebert on March 22, 2013   2 Comments   Blog, Sports, Video, Written Articles   , , , , ,

One day.  Two mountains.  Three snowboarders. We called it "Whistler Takes a Snow Day" Enjoy! (Don't see the embedded video?  Click here) Big thanks to our friends at Tourism Whistler for premiering this short snowboarding film on their website and sharing some of the back...

Twitter and Transparency: Are They Necessary For Marketing?

By Aaron Biebert on February 18, 2013   1 Comment   Blog, News, Social Media, Video, Written Articles   , ,

Two important trends you shouldn't miss in the marketing world right now: 1) Twitter I was featured in today's USA Today Money section in an article about using Twitter to hire people.  I hired a social media manager back in 2011 for a new series I was producing and we only talked via twitter during the screening a...

Top 4 Super Bowl Ads of 2013 – The Year of Emotion?

By Aaron Biebert on February 6, 2013   2 Comments   Blog, Video, Written Articles   , , ,

We had a great time hosting real time discussion about the Super Bowl ads this year (here is the main discussion if you missed it).  According to our unscientific Facebook poll of 150+ people, here are the top 4 Super Bowl ads of 2013. Definitely less humor at the top.  Check out the commercials, along with our...

Movie Review: Django is Unchained

By Aaron Biebert on December 28, 2012   0 Comment   Blog, Movie Review, Written Articles   , ,

“There's a fine line between genius and insanity. I have erased this line.” ― Oscar Levant I think he was talking about Quentin Tarantino. I saw his new movie "Django Unchained" on Tuesday, knowing I was writing a review. Took me three days to wrap my head around it and all I can think to write is: "Wow"...

10 Ideas for Instagram to Sell Your Photos

By Aaron Biebert on December 18, 2012   13 Comments   Blog, News, Photography, Social Media, Written Articles   , , ,

Today popular photo sharing social network Instagram (owned by Facebook) announced they are claiming the right to sell your photos without permission or payment. Obviously, this has upset many people.  We thought we'd have some fun with it. We love photography, but most photos on Instagram are probably not wort...