10 Ideas for Instagram to Sell Your Photos


Today popular photo sharing social network Instagram (owned by Facebook) announced they are claiming the right to sell your photos without permission or payment.

Obviously, this has upset many people.  We thought we’d have some fun with it.

We love photography, but most photos on Instagram are probably not worth selling.  However, we realize that Instagram needs to make money (they cost Facebook $1 Billion), so we came up with the following list of ideas for them to make money by selling your photos for books or magazines.

Let us know if you have any other ideas.

– The Real Housewives of Instagram
– The Instagram Cookbook
– 10,000 Sunsets You Should See on Instagram Before You Die (foreword by Tony Bennett)
– American Kennel Club’s Guide to Instagram Dogs
– Self Portraits of an Instagrammer (featuring Corey Pieper, James Sather and Trey Cochran)
– 50 Shades of Instagram Nail Polish
– 365 Days of Clouds:  2013 Instagram Desk Calendar
– US Weekly’s Worst Dressed on Instagram 2012
– Instagram Guide to Holiday Decorating
– All My Children (Instagram Edition)


We’ll see what any of this does to Instagram (if anything).  Today’s news follows their decision last week to not show Instagram photos on Twitter.com, which made Ryan decide to get off the platform completely.  Time will tell.

Thanks for reading and sharing!

– Aaron @Biebert and the rest of the Attention Era Media crew

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  • I’m gonna stay on it, only because it has sort of a social life of it’s own.  Hard to ignore such a big network now.

  • These are some great books. I’m buying 1 of each! 

    How about a few more:
    The Real People of the 24 Hour Wal-Mart;
    Coffee, Coffee, and did I mention Coffee;
    Did Somebody Say Bacon?;
    Hey, I stole that image from someone else fair and square. You can’t steal it from me now!;
    And my favorite:
    Girls I Thought I Knew, So I Took Their Picture, But Now I Know I Don’t, and Neither Do You.

    • @PhilGerb:twitter  LOL!  @Fondalo:twitter would definitely like the coffee book.  He might buy two.  🙂

  • Albert Qian


    • @alqian:disqus, I was thinking of including you, but didn’t want to harass you too much on your birthday.  lol

  • “It’s hip to be square – give me a shoutout because I’m cool” chronicling the thousands of people who crave the attention when someone else mentions them on IG.

    I’ll get started right away on that foreword!

    • Yes, seems like lots of folks love their IG “shoutouts”.  

      Tony, can’t wait to read your foreword.  Love your photos.

  • Here’s a starter on”50 Shades of Instagram Nail Polish”


    You should crowdsources the best content for each of funniest themes

    I like sound of “The Real People of the 24 Hour Wal-Mart”  from @philgerb:disqus 

    • @nickkellet:disqus, I love it!  That’s pretty cool.

  • Wendy Terwelpt

    Instagram’s Craziest Cat Pics

    Instagram’s Guide to Restaurants

    • Both would be great options.  I tend to take a lot of restaurant pics too.  

  • Britt Michaelian


    The Garden of Edenstagram
    Flowers and plants spotlighting @Carolyn_Gardner

    Shaken Not Purred
    Cats in the bath featuring
    @HenieReisinger and @SavvyAngie

    • Britt, those are some great ones!  🙂

      Posts from @HenieReisinger:twitter, @Carolyn_Gardner:twitter, and @SavvyAngie:twitter would make great Instagram books.


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